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For adults

  • Novels (fiction)
  • Bio’s
  • Reference books
  • Information books: specialised legal resources, up-to-date information on drugs and alcohol, reliable information about physical and mental health

For young people

  • Novels (fiction)
  • Graphic novels
  • Study guides and resources

For children

  • Junior novels
  • Junior graphic novels
  • Junior information books
  • Junor readers for literacy development
  • Picture books
  • Board, talking and rhyming books


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Large Print Books

Books in large print text. Ideal for those with a vision impairment.

Library of Things

Why buy can you can borrow!

The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional items including board games, puzzles, ukuleles, puppets and cake tins to borrow for free with a library card.

Board Games A selection of games for the whole family to enjoy. From traditional favourites Monopoly and Scrabble to unique games like Azul and Catan, there is something for everyone.

Cake Tins Choose from over 30 different shapes including a 3D soccer ball, ladybird, pirate ship or teddy bear. Each cake tin comes complete with instructions and decorating tips.

Jigsaw Puzzles Whether you’re looking for a jigsaw puzzle to keep the kids busy, something for the whole family to enjoy together, or a challenge, the Library has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Beautiful landscapes, classic paintings, colourful bookshelves and furry friends – they’re all here, take your pick!

Puppets Choose from over 20 hand puppets to make your storytelling come to life! From crocodiles and dragons to sharks and sloths there is an animal for every story.

Ukuleles Learn to play some tunes on the ukulele and experience the beauty of music with this fabulous sounding instrument.

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Conditions of loan

  • Items must be returned in a neat, clean and tidy condition to the library during opening hours.
  • Items must not be returned through the after hours return shute.
  • Please ensure all contents are placed back inside the box/container and returned to the service desk.
  • Missing pieces will incur a replacement fee.
  • 3 week loan period.


Are you pregnant? Is your little one awake all night? Got a fussy eater? Having troubles at school? Griffith’s extensive collection of up-to-date parenting resources will answer all your parenting and child development questions.

WTF (What the Fact?)

Amaze your friends, annoy your family or find your own inner peace… our WTF collection has a diverse range of non-fiction titles of useless factoids or helpful hints.