Book Clubs

Griffith City Library’s Book Club program runs for 10 months per year from February to November. For an annual subscription of $420 book clubs will receive one set of books per month (10 titles per year). New and pre-existing book clubs throughout the Western Riverina region are welcome and encouraged to join.
More details are below.


2023 Book Club Reading List 


Book Club Registration

Please register your Book Club by completing the following form.
Please note – Registrations will not be complete until payment is made. Payment can be made by visiting the Griffith City Library or over the phone on 69628300.

Is your book club looking for new members? Or, are you looking to join a book club?

We want to help bring local book lovers together. If you would like to advertise a vacancy in your book club, or you are an individual looking to join a book club please add your details to the form and we will add your details to the Book Club Noticeboard on our website. If you have any questions please contact Griffith City Library on: P. 02 6962 8300 E.
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Program Details

  • Program runs for 10 months, from February to November.
  • All book club members MUST be members of the library.
  • Book clubs are entitled to one set of books per month (10 per year) + 5 eBook or eAudiobook titles per year.
  • Each set contains 12 books and a folder of discussion questions.
  • Clubs will select their own books each month. Books will be made available for collection from the 1st of each month (eg. 1st of February)
  • Books are on loan for 6 weeks.
  • Books cannot be renewed. If you haven’t finished reading please check the catalogue and request a copy from the general collection.
  • Titles cannot be reserved.
  • A maximum of two titles will be issued to a book club at any given time. These restrictions ensure that as many book clubs as possible can make use of this service. Please help us to keep this service operating successfully by collecting and returning the books in a timely manner.
  • Book clubs must return the complete set of 12 books and folder. Incomplete sets or individual titles will not be accepted by the library.

Membership Requirements

  • $420 membership fee to be paid in full prior to collection of the first set of books
  • One primary contact for the book club
  • Name and email address for each book club member
  • All book club members must be a member of the Western Riverina Library service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can borrow from the book club collection?

Book clubs must be registered with the Griffith City Library to borrow book club sets.

  • How much does it cost?

The registration fee is $420 per club. Book Clubs receive one set of books per month from February to November (10 book sets in total). There are 12 books and discussion questions in each set. Any lost or damaged items will incur a replacement fee of $25 per item.

  • How do we select a book from the collection?

Available titles will be displayed in the dedicated space at Griffith City Library. From the 1st of each month, book clubs may collect their new tub for that month. Clubs can have a maximum of two sets on loan at any given time. If your club already has two sets on loan you will not be able to borrow another set until one is returned. Titles are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that you will always receive your preferences.

  • Can we go on a waiting list to borrow a book club set?

Book club sets cannot be reserved.

  • How long can my group borrow a book club set?

The loan period is 6 weeks. Prompt collection and returning of books ensures that service runs successfully for all.

  • Can we borrow more than one set at a time?

Book clubs may have a maximum of two sets on loan at any given time. If your club already has two sets on loan you will not be able to borrow another set until one is returned.

  • How do we return a book club set?

The tub and all of its contents must be returned as a complete set to Griffith City Library during opening hours. Each book is numbered. In the back of the discussion folder is a list for you to record which member has which book. This helps to identify what books haven’t been returned and who they were on loan to.

  • I’m not in a Book Club. Can you help me to join one?

Please submit your details to the Book Club Noticeboard and we will try find a book club for you to join. If there is nothing suitable, you may wish to start your own book club.