COVID-19 Stories

We are living through historically important times, and the library needs your help to document and preserve our community’s experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you have a story or photograph of your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic you’d like to share, please submit here.


My COVID Story by Ellie Haddrill

My COVID story is very wild because myself my brother and my mum where in Wagga when our first lock down happened and it was in May of 2020. Then there were a couple more lock-downs after that and COVID got so bad in Wagga we couldn’t go to school we had to do online school and this affected us very much because my Mum couldn’t work and we were tight on money and we could barely pay the rent and afford food.
We barely got to socialise with anyone but our family and I was a bit sad when my birthday rolled around and I couldn’t see my family for my birthday so everyone mailed me my gifts and I was so grateful that I just got to spend my birthday with my brother and my Mum.
Then my mum had a crazy idea at the end of 2021 that we should move to a small country town Barellen , so we could be closer to family. When I got to school the next week I told my friends that I was moving and they where devastated , so I was planning myself a goodbye party with the whole class invited. No one ended up coming and I was sad but they couldn’t come because of bad weather.
But after that day we packed up our things and moved at the end of 2021. I started a new school and I was so nervous because I have moved schools before and I thought that I wasn’t going to fit in but everyone made me feel welcome and I  made friends right away. Now it’s 2022 and I have had COVID 2 times and our school has had a lot of COVID cases but it hasn’t affected our class because a lot of the COVID cases are in high school and they are advised to stay home as well as the people they have had close contact with as well.